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Company Profile

Are you a marketing professional longing for a role in which you get to drive brand leadership with the client accounts you work with, while also collaborating with an internal team of other creative and results-oriented professionals? Do you thrive in a 100% remote virtual environment? Seeking an experience that’s kind of like an agency but without the red-tape or less than savory parts about corporate culture?

Enter Soul Seed.

Soul Seed is a brand strategy, business coaching, and marketing firm that partners with clients as a trusted extension of their brand.

It’s not a new concept but how we approach it is.

Our vision is to partner with purpose-driven companies to do more good in the world. Looking first at the mission and then strategizing for how to scale that. Soul-powered strategy. 

We believe that businesses exist for a reason beyond just making money and that money is essential for businesses to continue delivering on their mission and purpose. The result: Profits, rooted in purpose.

We are experts at helping businesses develop their brand and scale it so that they can make more revenue, impact, and create positive outcomes for their clients and communities and also for the team members who support their organizations internally.

As such, we walk the walk by being an example of what that workplace looks like. One where people are supported in being who they authentically are. We celebrate strengths and maintain a mentorship and coaching culture. We’re an intimate team of intelligent, passionate, committed, authentic, high-performance individuals. We share values for transparency in our work, and solid business and marketing strategies to help clients succeed.

The good news is our philosophy works!

And rather than simply telling you, we want to show you. Check out what some clients say:

As we continue growing, we’re looking for our next dedicated, passionate, strategic, whip-smart strategist to join our team! But first, is Soul Seed the right fit for you?

Company Culture

Tired of traditional workplace models, our founder Amber Swenor set out to create a company that would celebrate the uniqueness of each individual with a focus on strengths over weaknesses, an environment of authenticity and compassion through radical transparency, along with creating a flexible workplace to empower highly-responsible, self-driven leaders to shine within a team atmosphere.

What it takes to be successful here:


Be growthminded and innovative in your role within the team while also being company forward and demonstrating teamwork and alignment to the company vision.


Show us you’re a self-starter that is motivated to fulfill your tasks because you see the dots for how your contributions support client goals, company goals, and your goals.


Take responsibility for your actions. We hold ourselves accountable for results while also holding clients accountable for what they are responsible for, in order for the partnership to be a success.


Bring some sparkle to your role. Be interested and engaged in the work you are doing and in the goals of the clients and company. Passion is demonstrated in how you show up emotionally and energetically, resonating passion for what the company stands for and the work that we do.

Soulful Strategy

As an account manager you’ll help clients recommit to their why and you’ll guide the strategy for how they can grow their business and fulfill their mission. It’s important that you can develop sound strategies for helping clients to achieve their objectives.

Positive problem solver

Bring a can-do attitude. Propose solutions.

Job Description

In this intermediate to senior-level position, the ideal candidate will understand how to see the big picture, as well as the step-by-step plan needed to achieve that vision. You’ve considered yourself a jack, jill, or jade of all trades and now you’re thrilled to put all that marketing knowledge to use! You’re a multi-tasker who thrives on managing anywhere from 8-12 clients. You masterfully understand how to manage your time, how to prioritize needs, how to be present in each moment, and how to plan ahead.

In this role, you’ll collab with clients and the Sr. Strategist on our team to develop client brand and marketing strategies and you’ll oversee the implementation of them. You will work directly with clients as the gatekeeper of their brand and marketing strategy.

You’ll manage clients externally facing, as well as workflow internally with the team, ensuring that elements of the comprehensive plan are working together to achieve client goals. Some work is work-flowed to support the team, and some tasks you’ll implement.

At Soul Seed, we value a culture of learning and care in a flexible and supportive work environment. We are looking for someone who is a problem-solver and self-starter, who is also open to mentorship and continued growth.

The position will be 40 hours per week. The hours are flexible with up to 100% remote available, there are occasions where the team meets in person and with clients in person. If you are within the Madison, WI, area there is an option to work in a flexible office space.


  • NCollaborate with Senior Manager to conduct consultations with clients
  • NDevelop detail-oriented integrated recommendations and proposals for presentation to the client
  • NCreate comprehensive data-driven marketing strategies and plans using multiple data points (Google Analytics, sales trends, social media stats, market research, online leads)
  • NCommunicate with clients and serve as liaison between client and internal Soul Seed team to ensure that parties are aligned and moving toward the defined goals
  • NProject manage the execution of marketing strategies within the team, which will at times include executing various aspects of the plan yourself, which may include:
  • KDeveloping and guiding client messaging based on their business goals and brand to ensure brand consistency throughout all forms of marketing advertising, including email marketing, TV, radio ads, digital ads, print, and website
  • KA combination of these responsibilities (to be determined based on your skill and experience), including: digital advertising strategy, content strategy, media strategy, public relations strategy
  • NCollaborate with team members on the design, and implement business plans and strategies to promote the attainment of goals
  • NReport to clients on statuses of campaigns, providing ongoing consultation to retain the relationship and continue moving progress forward


  • NAssociates, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Marketing, Small Business Management, Communications, digital marketing, public relations, communications, or a related field
  • N3+ years of related work experience; previous sales, agency or marketing director experience preferred
  • NExcellent organizational and leadership skills
  • NOutstanding communication and interpersonal abilities, including the ability to clearly articulate the following in oral/written format:
  • KFeedback to team members regarding project statuses, timelines, and deadlines; execution of work
  • KProject objectives and action steps via email and Teams
    • PSome experience in managing, and overseeing implementation of comprehensive marketing plans that include various tactics such as social media, email marketing, digital marketing, graphic design, web design, and SEO
    • NAbility to work individually with strong time-management abilities
    • NCan collaborate effectively with other team members, including the Founder, Senior Brand Strategy Manager and Teams Operations Manager, Digital Marketing Strategist, Web Designer, and marketing assistants
    • PExcellent knowledge of MS Office, Excel, and preferred knowledge of Excel formulas
    • NPreferred: understanding of media strategy, public relations strategy skills, strong writing and editing ability, strong understanding of digital marketing
    • NPreferred: understanding of research methods and marketing data analysis techniques

    Salary Range

    Competitive compensation based on experience

    • First-year earnings projected at $64,000-$75,000+ depending on experience. A motivated high achiever will earn more. Other ways to earn significantly more include a proven track record, and having a network that you can bring in as clients. Potential to grow earnings substantially.

    Compensation & Benefits

    • NPaid vacation
    • NPaid holidays
    • NCompany sponsored Health Reimbursement account
    • NCompany provided Health Savings Account
    • NCompany sponsored 401k
    • NPaid sick/personal days
    • NTeam retreats
    • NPhone & mileage reimbursement
    • NFlexible work environment and hours

    How to Apply

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