The path forward will continue to look like finding “new normals” that work for each unique company and team. There cannot be an expected way of doing things, but instead, finding the way that works for your small business based on your goals and needs.

Marketing Predictions:


Use more short length video in social media! Videos under 1 minute are most viewed. If you use longer form video, it should take your customers on a journey.

Freebies need to provide A LOT more value.

If you are running challenges or offering a freebie quiz or opt-in, it needs to pack a punch all the way from the marketing copy, to the design of the landing page, to the actual freebie being offered. There is SO much free content out there. People do not want more of the same.

Consumers are much more discerning about giving out their email so if they gift you their email, you better make sure that the freebie you are gifting them in return is darn good. And also, don’t expect someone to download the freebie and then make a purchase. It is necessary that you build value through very thoughtful content that speaks directly to that buyer.

Potent consistency is much more important than frequency.

When you show up: make it really good! It doesn’t need to be daily or weekly, however it does help if your content is delivered on a consistent basis, even if that’s monthly.

HYPE marketing is gross.

Authentic marketing is in. Show your audience what your brand is and how you can help them. It can still be valuable to offer thoughtful limited time offers and specials that aim to serve your audience. However, consumers are becoming disillusioned by overly-hyped scarcity tactics, and they simply aren’t necessary. People still appreciate a good deal, but you can keep it authentic and real.

You must be able to deliver on your promises.

If you promise something in the sales and marketing process, your team must be able to deliver it all the way through. It’s better to surprise customers later on by making your service even better than they expected! Nobody wants to be sold on a promise with a downhill experience from there.

QR codes are making a comeback!

An easy way to engage them is to put them in photo frames at your store counter, share on social media graphics, or use at events or tradeshows. The QR code can take people directly to a free gift, to a page on your website, to your online store or to your social media pages so that it makes it easy for them to follow your socials from right there.

As you fine-tune and map out your business plan for 2022, keep these topics in mind. If you’re seeking to be more strategic with your digital marketing strategy, reach out and let’s see if we’re an aligned fit to partner together for your brand growth!