3 steps to help you navigate change, even when you feel anxiety and fear

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Change is the only constant … do you agree?

This last Wednesday night, I could not sleep. I felt like a crazy person howling at the moon.

I saw my massage therapist on Thursday (who is also a client and friend… noticing a trend? I love doing business with people I love!), anyway, I was telling her how I couldn’t sleep Wednesday night and how I’ve felt a rush of emotions lately. She replied in her caring, wise, and knowing way, “Well, it is the full moon sweetie.”

Sigh. There’s a reason; it’s not me. It’s the moon’s fault.

I’ve heard this before, that the full moon, new moon, and astrological cycles affect our mental and emotional health. Astrology says that there are peak periods for creating, and taking action, and there are times where we are more prone to emotional mood-swings, trouble sleeping, and more.

I found an article recently that shares these 7 ways that the full moon can affect your mood:

  • Make you more prone to violent behavior
  • Lack of sleep
  • Make you feel more introspective
  • The first half of the lunar cycle can make you feel motivated
  • Feel more anxious
  • Make you feel like you need to slow down
  • Make you go from loving to combative very easily

Well, geez, thanks for nothing MOON!

Over the years I’ve done scattered research on this subject here and there, so I am far from an expert, and I find it difficult to wrap my head around how the movements of planets in outer-space can be affecting how I feel….

Regardless of whether it’s the full moon or not, I feel pretty confident about one thing… change is the only constant.

And, I’ve seen change happening for a lot of you, and I see that it comes with anxiety, fear, anticipation, and exhaustion.

You’re not alone.

We’re all over here,

Lying awake thinking about our dreams,

Howling to the outer-space of our desires,

Tossing and turning about all that needs to be done,

Anxious to go all in and shine brightly in that which fills us up the most,

But, there are responsibilities, and mouths to feed, and cleaning to do, and jobs to be at….

So how can we turn a wish upon a star into a dream well-lived?

Here are 3 strategies to shift from howling at the moon in frustration and fear, to living in flow among the stars ✨:

1: Acknowledge that you are already among the stars. Even if you are not exactly where you want to be in some area of your life, it’s important to pause, and appreciate the light that’s all around you, before it passes you by or before you pass it by without pausing to appreciate it. The beauty in life is truly the journey. The beauty is that we are each walking our paths, striving for growth and improvement, but it does not mean that you are not already living a beautiful life! You may wish to radiate at a new level of brightness, but it does not mean that you are not already bright. And, if you are looking around and the company you keep feels pretty dim, then it may indicate that there is more work to do, more opportunity for growth and a more fulfilling life.

Be kind to yourself. Have gratitude. Love yourself. Love all that you are and who you are becoming. Continue taking steps to create the next version of life that you desire to create. And, Acknowledge that even if you are not where you want to be, that it does not discount all that you already are.

2: Make a commitment to the patterns that help you feel your best: Pay attention to the patterns that support you in feeling and performing your best, and any toxic patterns that negatively affect you that need to be wiped out. A few years ago I finally woke up to see how negatively the late work-nights were affecting my health, wellness, and happiness… my mental sharpness varied day by day; it was like being on a mental and emotional rollercoaster. I saw just how negatively working late was affecting me and I committed to getting off of technology and stopping work earlier before bedtime. It can be tempting to hammer out one more task or respond to a late-night email, however, I have found that when I make time to exercise, eat balanced, and get proper sleep that I wake up feeling refreshed and am 10x more productive on that next day than I would have been if I stayed up later and cranked out one more thing. Pay attention to the patterns that help you to feel and perform your best, and commit to those patterns.

3: Take Action Where needed: If you feel that you are howlin’ at the moon in frustration like no progress is made or nothing is going right, take pause and work through your thoughts. Write them out and one by one. Then, evaluate if they are opinion or fact.

  • I should have done more = opinion
  • I organized my cabinet today = fact

Next, after taking inventory of what is frustrating you, evaluate the facts that you are not pleased with, and if action is required to change the situation. Gratitude is incredibly important, but not at the cost of staying complacent. Taking action for change doesn’t mean you aren’t grateful for all that you have and all that you are; it simply means you are grateful AND, you are meant for more, or you desire more.

I hope that these strategies will help you navigate constant change while moving forward with greater ease and flow….

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Join me sisters, and let’s live together, among the stars


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