On June 7, Strategic Partners Marketing proudly sponsored Disrupt Madison 2.0, an event held Wednesday, June 7, at High Noon Saloon in Madison. As the diamond-level sponsor, SPM volunteered its marketing consulting and public relations services in advance of the event.

The event ran from 5:30 until 8:00 and featured networking as well as fourteen five-minute speeches by HR industry professionals. However, Disrupt Madison 2.0 was far from a convention HR conference; the entire DisruptHR movement is focused on informing and empowering business leaders and those involved in the Human Resources field by providing them with information that differs from conventional approaches in the HR industry. For example, some of the topics on which speakers present may be taboo in a more traditional HR setting and are, therefore, “disruptive.”

Disrupt provides information on the changing industry and embraces it with open arms in an exciting way. After SPM founder Amber Swenor welcomed everyone to the event, the first speaker broke out into song about the importance of sharing company information with employees via social media. Each presenter was given five minute on a topic, so the information was delivered in a quick-fire way. “Teach us something, but do it quick,” was the motto of the evening.

On the whole, the evening was a fun one, and the SPM team was even able to take a photo together!